Server Chat Commands

The thing that the server can boast a lot about are the commands in the chat. They are very useful if of course you know how to use them. The server works like a social network, you can add / delete friends, find exactly where someone is, whisper to someone that others can't see, list all the games and much more.

Command Description
/f add (username) Adds (username) to your friends list.
/f del (username) Removes (username) from your friends list.
/f promote (username) Promotes (username) one line up your friends list.
/f demote (username) Demotes (username) one line down your friends list
/f list Displays your friends list.
/f online Displays your online friends list.
/f m (text) Whisper (msgtext) to all of your online friends.
/w (player) (message) Sends a private (message) to (player)
/r (message) Reply to the last person to send you a private message
/mail send (username) (message) Sends a message to (username).
/mail read (index) Reads mail (index).
/mail delete (index) Deletes mail (index).
/ignore (username) Blocks future messages sent from (username).
/unignore (username) Allows a previously squelched (player) to talk to you normally.
/away (message) Displays (message) to users who whisper to you. To disable, use the /away command again with no (message).
/dnd (message) Prevents all whispers from displaying to your screen. To disable, use the command again with no message.
/who (channel) Displays a list of users in (channel)
/j (channel) Moves you to (channel)
/channels Displays a list of all available channels)
/users View a list of all logged in users.
/games Displays a list of online games. Set [difficulty] for Diablo games only (norm|night|hell).
/gameinfo (gamename) Displays information about (gamename).
/watchall Displays when any user joins the server or enters/leaves a game.
/unwatchall (gamename) Disables notifications.
/con Displays everyone online on the server in all games and channels
/netinfo (player) Displays (player) network information.
/ping Displays your ping to the server.
/tos Displays the Terms of Service.
/clan create (clantag) (clanname) Create a new clan.
/clan msg (message) Whispers a message to all your fellow clan members.
/clan invite (username) Invite (username) to your clan.
/clan invite get Show clanname which you have been invited.
/clan invite accept Accept invitation to clan.
/clan invite decline Decline invitation to clan.
/clan motd (message) Update the clan's Message of the Day to (message).
/clan public Opens the clan channel up to the public so that anyone may enter.
/clan private Closes the clan channel such that only members of the clan may enter.
/clan disband Disband your clan.
F1 View info about navigating the chat lobby
Alt + V Show or hide Join/Leave notifications in the channel.
Alt + N Copy the selected username in right-hand list to the chat box.