How to connect?

If you haven’t noticed on the home page, just to point out that there are two servers with two different ways to connect to them. A player connected to one server cannot see or play with a player connected to another server. Read more on the home page. So to begin with, there are 2 different reg files, they are not any viruses but simply a file that adds our servers to your "registry" and thus allows you to connect to our server in the game. The "ports server" refers to the classic way of playing that has been present since the game existed, and that is with ports. Basically you need to have at least one UDP port in the range 6112-6119 open to be able to host games that you can play with someone. Very important, if you want someone to enter the game who already has open ports, in that case you do not have to have open ports, you can host without ports, but no one can enter your game.

Name File
Registry for our servers Download
Registry to go back to Global Download

ZeroTier VPN Server

If you are one of those who has no idea what ports are and what I am talking about then ZeroTier Server is the best place for you. It takes three steps to access this server. The first step is to download the ZeroTier One app, the second is of course to connect to our group using the unique Network ID: 8bd5124fd6f6a6c2 (may change in the future) and of course to install the reg file.

Name File
ZeroTier One with registry and instructions Download


If by any chance you can't connect to the ZeroTier network I would first ask you to check your firewall because you have to allow access to the app to communicate through it. Be sure that you have allowed the application to communicate in the settings in your antiviruses, especially in avast and bitdefenter. To clarify, the application must be free of any restrictions, and if it is not, you will not be able to use it because of its design. If the above solutions do not help, restart your computer, if you do not solve the problem, then delete the application and reinstall it. please do not spam the #tech-support Discord channel without reading this.

Add us manually

If by any chance you want to keep your Gateways / Servers list and you want to add us then you will have to add us manually. Don't forget! by connecting to or Global (Good old Games) servers you automatically lose us or any server from the list because they reinstall the list in your game without your permission. So to begin with, you first need the so-called Gateway Editor. It is a program that edits your registry list in Regedit. Once you have downloaded the program, run it and a list of servers to which you can currently connect will be created in front of you, clicking on "Add Gateway" opens a new window in which you enter the data below in the tables.

Name Zone IP
The Horadrim Ports 1
The Horadrim ZeroTier 1
Other Servers/Gateways
Name Zone IP
US.West 8
US.East 6
Europe -1
Asia -9
Global(GOG) 6