Stay awhile and listen!

The Horadrim is a Diablo 1 and Hellfire community that has its own gaming server. We have members playing since this game came out, there are players from Diablo LE days and from the now defunct website of course most members are made up of new users who started playing mostly because GOG released Diablo 1 Digital Edition. We are very willing to help new members to master the game and its mechanics in the best possible way. So do not hesitate and join us on our Discord server. We are waiting for you!

About the server

The server supports Diablo 1 GOG v1.09b and the old patch for Blizzard Diablo 1 edition v1.09. Both are compatible with each other so if you still have an old dusty 1996 CD you won’t have a problem. One thing that confuses users today is that our server supports two ways you can connect to it. The answer is simple, we are not all lucky to have an ISP that allows us to forward our ports. For those who of course can’t do that there is a RadminVPN that connects you directly to the server bypassing NAT (modem firewall) and also provides a great gaming experience without portforwading. Remember that this multiplayer mod in this game is very outdated and don’t expect the next generation experience.

Diablo II Lord of Destruction

Play Diablo II Lord of Destruction 1.14d with your friends on our server. That means you can play with your singleplayer characters with other people. Hosting on an "Open" server requires portforwarding or RadminVPN. The connection process is very simple. More information can be found here.

Diablo I Mod support

Again you can play your old favorite mods with your friends like you used to on our server. We provide support for two mods Diablo I "The Awakening" and for the unofficial fan made Diablo I expansion "The Rebirth". The installation and connection process is very simple. You can find more here.

Diablo Torch, Quality of Life mod

These days, everyone is using DiabloTorch. DiabloTorch is a mod that allows you everything you would like but can't in the original version. This is really a mod that facilitates your gaming experience in every way and makes this game competitive even with other newer ARPG games. The mod consists of a 30 stash tab that is more than enough for all your items, no matter if you change your characters, your stash remains the same and allows you to quickly and safely switch items from one character to another. Lighting itims on the ground is probably the second best thing of this fashion, remember how hard it is to pierce a ring when it falls to the ground it is now a thing of the past. It should be mentioned that the mod has very useful features for co-op such as, health bars, locations of your friends on the map. There are a hundred more things to talk about, but not to prolong, it is best to try it yourself.

Stash with 30 stash tabs, can be renamed with unique name.

Teamates character information with moster healthbars